What we offer and deliver

EVN Makedonija Elektrosnabduvanje is а company that offers reliable and high quality services to its customers by highly motivated staff and expertise knowledge in the field of energy supply. The optimization of processes and using advanced technology has provided EVN Makedonija Elektrosnabduvanje with great flexibility to meet customers’ demands and higher security in the business, as well as long term sustainability of the company.

Since the beginning of the liberalization it has been proven that knowledge about the needs and expectation of the customers and rapid response to market changes is the key factor for success. Therefore, we have kept good relations with our customers on the highest level and exceled in fulfilling every demand that emerged from our partners as well as the authorities.

In the recent years, the electricity market was primarily characterized by structural changes associated with the increased penetration of renewable energy sources and a steady growth of the liberalized electricity market. These changes were followed by numerous activities performed by EVN Makedonija Elektrosnabduvanje in order to increase customers’ awareness of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

As a result, majority of the companies on liberalized market confided in us with their business security by choosing EVN Makedonija Elektrosnabduvanje as their long term partner and electricity supplier, which positioned the company as leader and trend setter of the electricity supply business.

Energy efficiency in business

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